Holiday Courage

Roles change as you continue to get older.

First you start off as the gift opener!

Anxiety has a way to enter your body to open anything!

Colored wrapping paper.

Food that has been cooked for more than 24hrs.

Family you haven’t seen in years but live in the same state.

How do you become the coordinator?

How do you become the gift giver?

Where are the instructions?

Do you know if this should happen only at the end of the year?

HOLIDAY COURAGE comes from within.

HOLIDAY COURAGE also is taught from when you open that first gift.

HOLIDAY COURAGE is in all of us single or in pairs!

HOLIDAY COURAGE is in the spirits of all us

Learn to love yourself

Learning yourself is the best human you can learn. You have to learn yourself before you can learn someone else. We tend to fall or try to learn some else by side ourselves. What we see is most likely what we want to become. But we haven’t tried it out first. We haven’t fail at what we want to become. If you fail to learn yourself and get back up and try it again then you are learning. We learn new things each day! Life is a learning process nobody has all the answers. But we keep trying to understand this world we call life. I know I am still learning myself. But I told myself I won’t fail at learning what I can be in the future! Also enjoy your body and skin you are in LOVE YOURSELF!

Control what you want!

Many of us can only control what we have going on in our lives. The best way I see is to take control one day at a time cause many of us try to con-core problem before they exist. Control is power just as knowledge is! Sometime we try to explain things in our head before we control our thoughts. I am a victim of that as well. I will try to make you see nine different views before the right view. All i am saying just take control of things you love!

Friends is a lost word

Friends!!!!!!! How do you define a friend? How do they become your friend? what makes the agreement/term of a friendship? The word friend goes a long way, may think its all about helping someone out a rough time. But what if your friend needs help mentallay. Financially they have it covered but depress about this world how to walk straight and not backwards. Friends to me is to keep you from dying! Someone to help control your lonely thoughts and get you threw time and the day. Friendship should go along way then just high school and college! We need to communicate and express to each other.

Mother I give you my soul call

Love the art

Musings of a Wanderer

For more than a year now we have been having online meditations led by monks of Self Realisation Fellowship and Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. These have been God sent during this period of social distancing and lockdowns, when group meditations were suspended.

My guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, has written so much about God as Divine Mother; and has also composed some beautiful chants around God as Divine Mother.

During last Sunday morning meditation we were chanting: Mother I give you my soul call, you can’t remain hidden anymore…and my thoughts went to my mother and I started to cry. I thought if our mother was such pure love, how loving Divine Mother would be. How loving God would be. Guruji has said that if we could see God once, all of us would leave this world and go to Him 😊💖

We have been so blessed to have…

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Online coffee

Avance is the creator of Enjoy Express Coffee that’s a full online site of 1LB coffee. Enjoy has amazing coffee flavors that has beans that bean roasted for 20 hours. Enjoy Express Coffee gather there beans from a manufacture company in Lavazza, Italy. Avance works with his team to roast and grinds his customer beans when they are purchased. Avance and his team delivers in person if the mile radius is under 5miles. Avance is here to grow his online business with his team and wonderful loyal customers.